Crisis on Infinite Earths

Another from 1985 and one that still has ripples seen today in DC comics. This was their attempt to do a big crossover to resent the DC comics into one universe and fix all the years of tinkering with different Heros backstory and powers. Not exactly completely effective in their goal but man it did make for a hell of a story.

Buy it here in its 30th-anniversary form!




Battle Royale: The Novel

Now, this is a novel that doesn’t get a lot of coverage outside of Japan. Some may know Battle Royale from the live action movie released in Japan a number of years ago, but it is based on the novel of the same name. A commentary of Old vs. New, Young vs. Old, and senseless youth violence. Go where the movie didn’t and really open up into a Japan that is out of control and uses the Battle Royale Law to try and get the youth of the country under control.

Just whatever you do, stay away from the sequel movie. Battle Royale 2 sucks.


The Harry Potter Books

Early on in writing my own novel I got the chance to sit down and read these in between jobs. I stormed through all seven books in about 2 weeks and loved it. I’ve heard these books are the best written and all that but I don’t care. It’s a fun story and really take you into its world. From beginning to end this series is fun if you want to escape from it all. The first part of the series is whimsical and can be rather cheery, but things get darker and heavier by the end of the fourth book. You’ll be hooked.








My Ebooks!

In this day and age, it is extremely hard to start off with a published book with a big publisher. May people like YouTube stars and the like get to do that, but for the rest of us, we have to start smaller. Ebooks are great for that kind of thing. My superhero series “kRaveings” was born out of a necessity of having something to test out the process before finishing my big novel, Cityscape Tokyo. The main character kRaven was created in the middle of a shift at K-mart wearing a costume of raver gear.  Soon a story, background, and other characters started to take shape and now I have the series. Smaller books but make for an interesting read (I am biased though). If anything it’s an interesting take on the superhero dynamic and troupes that you see from DC and Marvel.

My two print books also started out as Ebook. It’s a low cost way of getting your material out there before you send things off to print.

my novel is a sci-fi/anime-style adventure featuring Sho and Kyoko Kimmamoro. Adopted siblings who came together with the mysterious death of Kyoko’s mother during her birth, and Sho’s parents death when they were kids.

And my second full-length book, Unconventional is an ADULT collection of stories of what happens with 6 young cosplay models share a room during a convention weekend and things get really saucy! Not for the kiddies!

Being an Author

I started as a writer as a kid. I’m creative and like coming up with stories, setting, backgrounds and stuff like that. I got into fan fiction after getting into Anime in my senior year in high school and kept that going for well over a decade. After doing the same fan fiction series that long, I decided to take a stab at original; and professional writing. After working for years, I came up with my novel. over 100,000 words of an original story and a lot of hard work. After experimenting with my smaller projects I now have two works in print. A superhero anime/inspired novel Cityscape Tokyo and the VERY ADULT Unconventional. I’m proud of my work and have more to come. There is a reward for writing and completing a story, whether a short story or a full sized novel.